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rajesh ramanath, srikanth

This Article is written by Teenage director Srikanth and the SMS published in this report is from Rajesh Ramanath to Srikanth. Chitraloka tried to solve the problem without publishing this article but after hearing both version!

Srikanth writes

You are already aware that we are in the last leg of the Post Production of our current film TEENAGE. We have been doing all our post production work at Sthayi Digi Studio, also called as Rajesh Ramnath Studio in Laggere.

In We have to raise a complaint regarding the mentioned studio and request your honorable self to provide justice to our humble request.

1.      We were approached by the Manager of Sthayi Digi Studio to carry on the post production work of our film Teenage and thus he strike the deal to conduct the work. We have given the 2 copies of the agreement to the studio to be signed and returned, but still now they have not returned the signed copy. When asked regarding the agreement they only have to say that either they forgot or the Manager says that he has forgotten to get it signed from the concerned authorities.

2.      When we were ready for audio release in the month of May, and the music tracks had to be balanced by the engineer, there was absence of an efficient engineer to carry on the work in a professional manner and we had to outsource an engineer to perform the work by paying him extra charges which was outside the package. Though they did not keep up their promise, we initially thought that this was happening just once and thought that this was common in the work and did not raise any issue.

3.      Next when we came for dubbing, and the studio was assigned to us mostly the main engineer was absent and was usually attended by the assistant technicians. Sometimes in the absence of both of them, when we have asked the owner, he has said that as Kishan himself is a sound engineer he can carry on the dubbing. And thus Kishan sometimes had to perform the duties of the sound engineer and as well as dub himself. 

4.      All these times whenever it was crucial the manager Kiran either used to be out of station (as told by him) or never attended the phone calls we made and when we complained the same to the owner of the studio he only had to say that , I am a technician just like you and that only my manager Kiran handles everything and thus the owner always gave reasons and excuses.

5.      But still after all this the manager came and requested that we carry on the rest of the Studio work in their studio itself as TEENAGE was a valuable project and that it will bring them name and also that TEENAGE was a film with with lots of colours and technology in it. Thus the Manager promised that the work will not be delayed and out project shall be given priority at all time.

6.      But the person assigned by the studio to perform RR took more than 30 days to do the RR for just first half of the film which is still incomplete, and again as the deadline to release was approaching we had to outsource the RR work for the rest of the film and complete it with better quality than provided by the studio in just 4 days.

7.      Now when the film has come to DTS stage and they already know that our film should be given priority they have taken other projects in between our project and have again failed to fulfill their duties, we are already getting ready to submit our film for censor and now at this crucial time, the DTS work has stopped since 10 days and when asked they only have to say that it would start from the next day, and that they will arrange for the engineer.

we still are kept in dark regarding our work process and thus we are approaching you for justice.

Rajesh Ramanath messages to Srikanth few hours back!

1)      Engineer has been organized for tomorrow, you can come even tonight and we can work, kind regards

2)      The best possible help I can dois to not charge you for the work you have done till now. The studio is SHIRDI SAI BABA


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