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Jaggesh who had oflate reduced the number of films in recent days has decided to to atleast two films per year. His new film titled as Double Decker will be launched on January 20. The film will be directed by Vasu who had earlier directed films like Patela and Kodagaana Koli Nungiththa with the actor. The film will have two glamorous girls-Shradhdha Arya and Aditi Gauthami who have worked for South Indian fillms. Shradhdha Arya has acted as a heroine in Golden Ganesh starrer Maduve Mane directed by Sunil Kumar Singh and Aditi Gautham has acted in a few Telugu films.

Jaggesh said that the film is being produced under the banner of Lakshmi Narasimha Productions by his wife Ms. Parimala Jaggesh and one of his long time trusted friend Srinivasan.

"I am now returning to work in a comedy based film now. Most of my successful films had lot of comedy elements in it. But in recent days I had worked in films like Mata, Eddelu Manjunatha and Lift Kodla which were basically message oriented films with much lesser comedy quotient than my usual films. Though the above named message oriented films ran well, there was a demand from many of my fans that I should return to full blooded comedy films with one hundred percent entertainment. I am just heeding to the request of my fans and is all set to work in a full fledged comedy like Double Decker' said Jaggesh.

Jaggesh said that he had worked out on the story of the film after discussing with some of his friends to create a thoroughly enjoyable fun filled story. Double Decker is a creation of such efforts.

This is basically something to do with the seven year itch that any married couple faces' said Jaggesh.

Jaggesh has made sure that two of his colleagues who were part of hisstruggled journey in films will work in this film. Aravind and Nanda who had acted with Jaggesh in Ravichandran directed Ranadheera will be playing special roles in the film along with Veteran actor Sudarshan who has become very closer to Jaggesh these days.

Vasu said that the entire focus of the team is to provided 150 minute entertainment to the fans and to ensure that there is not a single second of dull moment. "We will be shooting the major portions of the film in Bengaluru and songs will be picturised in Mangalore' said Vasu.

The two glam girls Shradhdha Arya and Aditi Gautham who have acted in Telugu films so far were very happy to be part of this film and work with an abundantly talented actor like Jaggesh.