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Krishnan Love Stroy hero Ajay Kumar celebrated his birth day on the sets of Advaitha produced by Excuse Me Suresh and directed by Giri. It was Suresh who introduced Ajay in his film Excuse Me directed by Prem several years ago and now Ajay is very happy to work with the same producer in the new film Advaitha which was launched on Monday which also happened to be his birthday.

Ajay said that every new film that he accepts in his career should provide him some confidence. "We make some guess work and think positively about our projects. Some times it works in our favour. But about Giri I can confidently say that he is one director who has impressed me the most. He is sure to become a very good director' said Ajay.

Giri had assisted director Shashank in Ajay Kumar's recent film Krishnan Love Story. Ajay seems to be impressed with Giri's work and is now giving a good break to the youngster who surprised many media critics by his first short film Navilaadhavaru which was shot in a digital camera using new artists and made in a budget of Rs. 35000.

Giri says that the title of the film may suggest something otherwise, but the film is a thriller and not philosophical films. Suresh said that Ajay has helped him in a time when he was facing a big crisis of confidence in his life. "I am greatly indebted to Ajay for his help in this distressing time. Though he had offers from some big producers after Krishnan Love Story became a hit, he chose to help me by giving call sheet on priority basis. We need artists like Ajay who are sympathetic to the cause of producers' said Suresh.

The heroine of this film has not been selected yet, but music director Veera Samarth who has made a good impression with his music compositions has already started his work for the film.