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Jamindaaru’ is my costliest film and I have already generated opinion that it would be a sure hit. This is purely because of superstar Vishnuvardhan and dexterous director S.Narayan says a daring producer K.Manju on the sets at Dr.Rama Naidu Village at Hyderabad on Wednesday – 7th November. Like the palace looking house the arrangements were also equally good on behalf of the producer. The hospitality, the arrangements for the film and shooting schedule all in tact are the highlights of producer K.Manju’s ‘Jamindarru’.
We have searched many places and houses. I have acquired permission to shoot for around 20 days. Normally this house is not given for everyone. The shooting is also briskly progressing. Each day the shooting starts at 6 am and ends up around 9 pm.
We have spent a few lakhs and acquired two lorry loads of properties from Bangalore to spruce up this house for our nativity. Besides that we have purchased costly sofas and paintings in Hyderabad. For this 150x100 site value the first thing we did is that we changed the color outlook of the house. The entire house had cream color. The chocolate and gold color paintings and orange color curtains were applied. The whole house floor was changed to red oxide because of the generation background seen in the film
In one week’s time around 25 people worked day and night and brought it to a fine condition to suit the requirement of the director in the film. Producer K.Manju described the effort so far made for this film.
Before acquiring the permission to shoot in this place I traveled many places and spent more than one lakh of rupees for the searching of a similar house. In some of the places in our state there is a strict prohibition. Looking at this problem I contacted my friend in Hyderabad Mr Kalyan and after a great difficulty I could get this house. Again this majestic house is built with a great thought by Dr.Rama Naidugaru added Manju.
How this structure developed is also an interesting one. When Naidugaru found difficulty of getting the stars to Rajamundry house that is 70 kms away from city, he worked out on the similar type of house and at a cost of Rs.2 crore he built this house. As a matter of fact in this village city the cost is not working for Naidugaru. But bringing reality to reel life many such steps are taken in Andhra Pradesh film industry. Film Nagar is another classic example.
Shooting in a far of place is costly agrees producer K.Manju. What is the alternative to bring in the requirement of director’s concept? Director S.Narayan is such a fine director I had seen who never bothers after his needs are provided. Suddenly he never asks for anything. All requirements are discussed and arranged accordingly. He is also calculative and knows the pinching of the producer. He is himself a producer and actor. I am already asking for a call sheet from him. I want him to act and direct my next film.
This ‘Jamindarru’ from the beginning has given the signs are very good going. With Vishnuvardhan in two different roles, Prema, Raashi, Srinivasamurthy, Sunderraj, Doddanna, Hema Chaudhary, Mukyamantri Chandru all well known and director Narayan with two mega hits of Vishnuvardhan films ‘Veerappanayaka’ and ‘Suryavamsha’ he will definitely hit a hattrick from this Vishnuvardhan film ‘Jamindarru’.
We wish this young vibrant producer K.Manju many more successes in life.

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