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Just when the news broke out that Dinesh Gandhi has washed his hands away from 'Kanwarlal' and co-producer Krishna Devegowda will be producing independently with another new title, Kannada film industry is not only shocked, but there is a question on everybody's lips that whether the title 'Kanwarlal' is a jinx to producers?

Yes. There is a question in the Kannada film industry whether the title 'Kanwarlal' is a jinx to producers. The reason for this question is, this is the second time that a film with 'Kanwalal' title has been shelved. Earilier, producer Shankaregowda had announced a film with 'Kanwarlal' title and the film was a remake of yesteryears hit 'Antha'. Though Sudeep launched the film and shot the film for few days, the film was shelved due to various reasons.

After that the title got expired and producer Dinesh Gandhi registered the same title and announced to produce a film with a same title. Dinesh Gandhi went to Shabarimale and got the pooja done for the title. He had announced that he will producing the film under the direction of M D Sridhar and Ganesh would be the hero. But M D Sridhar backed out of the film due to various reasons, with Ganesh following him. Later Dinesh Gandhi got arrested. After his release, Gandhi had decided to shelve the film.

With two films of the same name getting shelved due to various reasons, the Kannada film industry has almost come to a decision that the title is very much jinxed.

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