About Controversy

Shalini, SrinivasMussanje Gelathi is sure to create some hot debates for it handles a brittle and sensitive subject of an middle aged professor falling for a much younger student in his college. . An elderly college professor falls in love with his young student, creating confusion and dilemmas for both. Eventually, the professor realizes his folly and the film ends on a positive note.

What makes the film more interesting apart from the storyline is that the role of the professor and student are played by a real-life father and daughter. Yes, Srinivas is playing the professor and his daughter Shalini plays the student with whom the professor falls in love. The film is written, produced and directed by Srinivas;

The controversy related to the designs and publicity vinyls of the film which had shown the film’s heroine in glamorous costumes. ”Can a father who is the producer of the film show his daughter, the film’s heroine in glamorous costumes” asked some critics. There is another question about how a father act as a hero and the daughter act as a heroine.

Srinivas is emotionally disturbed by some of the unfair criticisms on the film. ‘Any one who is talking about the film before seeing it is not doing justice to the whole story concept. I am not the hero in the real sense of the term. I am playing a lead character as much as daughter is also playing another lead character. The subject is sensitively handled. And my daughter is being paired with another actor in the film for her love interest. It is a sensitive subject which has been handled with great care. The film has a good message for the audience’ says Srinivas.