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ganesh, neethu, diganth in gaalipata movie

Finally the wait is over and the hugely awaited film Galipata has been released. The everish pitch that was seen around the state before the release of the film has been nally answered with a brilliant presentation by director Yogaraj Bhat who makes if look that writing film scripts is so easy. It is the writer in Yogaraj Bhat who comes ff with flying colours again and his eagerness to go off beat in narration is certain to lease a large number of audience who seek a big quota of freshness in the film. And Golden Star Ganesh has given his best performances in the film what with his one liner dialogues sure to go well with his fans.

Galipata is a complete film. Yes, it is not run of the mill film with a package of sentiment, romance, little bit of thrill or fights. And audience does not expect such a film from the combination of Yogaraj Bhat and Ganesh. The film treads a different path from the first scene and takes on the fresh approach almost in every sequence of the film. We did see a hero, the heroine or even the characters of the film. of the film uttering such likeable dialogues in any film.

Galipata has lot of sensitivity in its portrayal and many touching sequences of the film is sure to moist your eyes. And there are many lighter moments in the film which will evoke a burst of laughter. Yogaraj Bhat has been able to get his dialogues right in almost every sequence of the film.

The story deals with the trials and tribulations of three friends from different background and their search for some peace in their life. In their quest to find some solitude in their life, they move out to a village where they find a totally different ambience and also different type of people. The three friends also find their match, but not as easier as they presume. Finally the web is cleared in a rivetting climax all the three get into the wedlock.

Ganesh is outstanding in the role of Gani and as earlier said he is thoroughly enjoyble when he speaks his one liners. And even in emotional sequences he has got ample space to prove his mettle. It is up to the script writers to provide him opportunities to go several steps ahead as an actor. Diganth surprises you with his spontaneity.

Rajesh Krishna gives a silent but effective performance. Anant Nag is brilliant in a hunter's role and comes out best in emotional sequences. Rangayana Raghu has a brief appearance, but is a perfect choice for the role. Daisy Bopanna is surprisingly subdued in this film and this comes just in contrast to the bubbly roles she has played in Sathyavaan Saavithri and Aishwarya. She fits into the differnt role. Young Bhavana Rao occupies more space among the heroines and is not a bad choice. Neetu has also been quite good for her role. Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi have shined in their given opportunities.

Galipata gets hundred percent marks in the technical department. Randy's camera work stumps the audience with its brilliant capturing of the spectacular locations. Randy scales new heights as a cinematographers in his work in the mountainous Kodachadri hills and while showing the falls in its ferocious best. Harikrishna's music rocks in the film and "Minchaagi Neenu Baralu' has been the topper. All the songs have been well choreographed. Suresh Urs editing work is perfect.

Galipata is an exceptionally brilliant film which should not be missed by Kannada film fans.

You will miss the film at your own risk.

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