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sudeep in Thirupathi Movie

Director Shivamani is known for technical excellence. It is absolutely in tact in him. He has given a breezy action film mixed with mother sentiment. For producer R.S.Gowda this is the second film with actor par excellence Sudeep. Knowing the demand of the market a very well action masala has been churned out.

Spending the childhood in prison Thiru grows as a strong youngster. He grows under the care of his mother and has very strong aversion to his father. Occupying a formidable position of ACP Thirupathi is a nightmare for everyone who is indulged in nefarious activities. His dashing stands and thirst to settle score with his father Michel alias Dhanraj lead to loads of actions on the screen.

Thirupathi makes intelligent moves to bring back the normal situation in his personal life and also in the society. Sudeep is splendid in this action extravaganza. He has that build and wonderful ability. The dialogues by Madhu come out very helpful to Sudeep to reach his fans. Three action director directors give chilling fights on the screen. This is so far the best action film of Sudeep.

Kanwal looks gleeful and she has made an attempt to perform in two scenes. Charanraj has a good transformation. Back as a villain for Charanraj it suits well. Ranganayana Raghu is the second attraction in the film. The comedy mixed with cruelty has come out well from Raghu. Two lovely tunes from Rajesh Ramanath and the photography by Mahendran lift the film.

Action lovers cannot miss this film.

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