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meena, sudeep in My Autograph Movie

A right actor picking the right remake and making a perfect film in his debut direction! That is Sudeep we are talking about. It touches the heart of majority of the population in one way or the other. There is grief in this graph. There are many emotional circumstances. What lovely tunes!

There is immaculate cinematography. Coming to Sudeep, Meena, Deepu and Sridevika performance and of course the respected senior actor Srinivasamurthy it is something marvelous. In the minute areas Sudeep has taken care.

Near perfect films are rarely done. This is one such even though it is slightly lengthy in the first half and Malayalam language not able to digest for Kannada audience.

Shanker's trauma from the school age till his settle down in marriage is all about the film. Shanker in school stage and a friend in that age, a college friend he becomes very close and reaches the marriage level but breaks up and in the streets how he gets the support from Divya and his marriage with Rashmi are tucked in touching narration style. He comes to his roots to invite all his old friends to marriage. The story opens in the flashback.

Don't miss this film. It touches your heart and mind at a time.

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