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Director Kavitha Lankesh has risen as a phoenix in her new venture "Avva' based on her later father Prof. P.Lankesh's novel "Mussanjeya Katha Prasanga'. You would almost forget Kavitha's earlier disappointing venture "Tananam Tananam' even as you keenly watch events unfolding on the screen. And Kavitha's technique to place the whole narration in the eyes of an errand village kid Kariya and her honest narration of her father's novel should well be appreciated. And "Avva' as the title suggests is a female oriented film and it glorifies woman in a subtle manner The characterisation of Rangavva, a widow, who is prepared to fight with men and even use abusive language to ensure repayment of the loan given is in itself a novelty which has not been shown in any Kannada film so far.

Kavitha also shows the deep divisions of caste in a village and how it degenerates gradually with the human values taking a back seat. At the same time their is this dichotomy of an intellectual who talks but refuses to intervene in any matter. Put it in comparison with the defenseless Rangavva who is prepared to lift a sword and threaten the borrower to return money or face her wrath.

Kavitha has taken Vijay in the lead mainly because she wants to mass audience to be part of this great saga of village where gossipping, betrayal goes along with deep love of youngsters who are trapped in a traditional system which is gradually losing out its identity. Vijay plays the role of Bedara Manja who is in love with Rangavva's daughter Savanthri. And the hot sequences featuring these two young artists jell with the original story.

Shruthi plays one of her best roles in her career in this film. As Rangavva she looks menacing but as the mother of Savanthri she is affection personified. She is to be commended for accepting such a challenging role though there are a number of abusive dialogues that she utters in the film. Vijay and Smitha fit in their roles perfectly. Rangayana Raghu as Bharamanna has also delivered best performance.

The folk songs in the film are really good with "Shivane Ninna Aata Ballavar Yaaryaaro' leading the pack. The cinemetograph work in the film is top class. Kavitha Lankesh has once again proved that she is versatile and best when she choses a subject written by her late father.

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