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Many films have come and gone on corruption. But ‘Beru’ is outstanding with many elements. Firstly the narration although it is verbose is quite interesting. The second credit goes to the fine selection of artistes. Dattanna, Venkat Rao, Lakshmi Chandrasekhar, Neetha, Baby Soumya get placement for their screen presence in order. Thirdly the director has struggled hard to make this film look natural. In the rush of inconsequential films in Kannada ‘Beru’ demands a special mention.

However the key inspiration for ‘Beru’ a film on corruption is the yesteryears Kannada drama that was coming in Akashvani and played in Bangalore Doordarshan - ‘Bavi Kaladidhe’. Where the disillusioned begs for the well he has dug up (he took loan in the pretext of digging a well but diverts the money to some other activity) when the Bank authorities ask for return of bank loan. Here in ‘Beru’ the authorities in the government department hush up a Travelers Bungalow that is not there by showing a different building for the office records and close the case. Reason - government employee turned minister now is the root cause for the problem.

What is the reason for such grass root corruption? Shall we say population? Shall we say greed? It is the common psychology of people in the developing countries to usurp money as early as possible.

Probably this is not significant in a non-democratic country. In a democratic country like India the level of corruption at the grass root level is mainly due to the excess of population and lack of economic support.

The family of Venkateshaih dipped in sorrows with elder daughter intend to study is not able to support his family from the salary he gets. For the support of his family he is forced to bypass the rules. Had this Venkateshaih been correct in his duties the inconvenient situation would not have come for the higher up in his office for Raghunandan. For no mistake Raghunandan pays penalty and gets frustration of his senior colleague for lying on the traveler’s bungalow that is not there. Actually the bungalow that was supposed to come up was during an ex-colleague of the same office who is now the minister. The

Now to cover up the series of lies uttered by Raghunandan and Venkateshaih they seek the help from poor Goravaiah the folk artist leading his life from dissemination of his art form. But sadly Goravaiah is buried with his hut made out of mud that was struck by the roots of a Banyan tree. The axe that was going to fall on his head is eventually saved by the intervention of a politician. The eradication of any problem from the root the same politician is required is yet another intelligent piece of smashing at the system.

It is finally the roots of tree and roots of corruption remains the locked problems. Natural actors Dattanna, Venkat Rao and Lakshmi Chandrasekhar have given splendid performance.

Charming Neetha, silent Sowmya and serious looking Suchendraprasad add up to the graph of the film. The costumes department has been as careful as the art department. Background score is admirable.

A film not miss ‘Beru’ is surely going to grab awards in a few categories.

Banner – Mithra Chitra

Direction – P.Seshadri

Story –J.M.Prahallad

Screenplay, Dialogue – P.Seshadri and J.M.Prahallad

Cinematography – S.Ramachandra

Music – Pravin-Kiran

Cast – H.G.Dattatreya, Suchendra Prasad, Venkat Rao, Neetha, Seetharam T.N. Vidyamurthy, Lakshmi Chandrasekhar, Baby Sowmya.



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