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Brilliant director S.Narayan has served an ace. The new gripping area he has touched in this film is tidy and this is a wholesome entertainer. When you look at this film in any angle there are no mistakes. That is the mastery of this director Narayan. His home work is fantastic. You feel like reading yesteryears stalwart's popular novel. He does not give room for clumsiness, never cuts illogical scenes on the screen. A ten year old boy or girl can take their grandparents to the theatres. That is his depth and that is his hold on the screen. Congratulations Narayanji.

Your money is worth for the songs you see on the screen. Rest is bonus for you. The issue of whodunit that is known to the audience but not the characters in the film is what makes you sit on the edge of your seats.

Producer S.A.Chinne Gowda and his two sons have picked the right director and subject in their comeback.

Devu a prolific singer attracts Sevanthi. Sevanthi expresses her fondness and affection and she even says she wants to live with Devu always. Devu a stubborn (Hatavadhi) mistake this for love. When the parents of the Sevanthi arrange for wedding Devu is shocked. He does a crime on that day. He hands over a glass of juice to Sevanthi and soon she is fall asleep. On that night he ties the sacred Mangalasutra when she is fast asleep. The next day morning including Sevanthi everyone is shocked about this Mangalasutra tied around Sevanthi's neck. At this time Devu makes a strange call and says Sevanthi has a lover and it is he who tied the nuptial knot. The marriage next day is cancelled and it is height of insult for Sevanthi and her parents. Sevanthi is not ready to just take out the Mangalasutra. She wants to find out whodunit and then she wants to take revenge on him. Sevanthi express her burning feelings with Devu. But before this Devu as the strange caller ask Sevanthi to come a place so that he can get her marry. The clever Sevanthi goes prepared to kill him with a knife. Devu looking at what she would do from a distant place at the place where he has invited slowly appear on the scene after he over hear the mood of Sevanthi.

The excitement builds up. Sevanthi ransack the flower decoration and a Mantap arranged at this place and this further brings in fear in the mind of Devu. He is confirmed that she is going to kill him when he expresses that he had tied the nuptial knot.

Back home she accidentally watches the CD preceding to her wedding. She finds her relative staring at her always. She goes on a rampage again. But she is locked in the problem. She is saved at the right time from further damage by Devu.

So what is up to? Sevanthi in her house one day screams at everyone and in this episode Devu hits at Sevanthi brother and this is out of emotion. Sevanthi questions Devu and she slap him on the face and ask him to get out. The parents of Sevanthi ask the parents of Devu take oath and that makes Devu not to sing. But on a rainy night Sevanthi is singing but Devu is finding it tough without singing. Devu's father disagrees with Sevanthi singing and yells at her father.

Sevanthi is upset again because her father had advised Devu not to sing. In the absence of Devu it is Sevanthi who comes to the house of Devu to apologize for this. In the house of Devu she finds her lost nose ring and forehead Thilak both expensive ones on the beautiful sketch Devu prepared in his room. She drivers her car chasing Devu and she stops him. The heated exchanges between the two finally conclude. It was mistake from both the side. Sevanthi tells that she wanted this Mangalasutra should have been tied by him and this brings in smile in the face of Devu. Devu gives his feeling in the mind as to why he did like that.

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