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When the yesteryears hit films are taken up the comparing with it is obvious. In this comparison debutant director Poornima has remained loyal to the original and shown fine results with some fantastic locations. For those days Lakshmi (of Julie) the present day Ramya (Julie) is much more beautiful and she has the extra edge of mod looks. In the area of shyness she falls behind compared to the original performer.

The story is familiar. The Christian girl 'Julie' falls in love with Shashi Acharya of a Brahmin family in her teen age. The intimacy between the two results in Julie becoming pregnant. This is opposed by the two families. Mother of 'Julie' Margaret handles the situation by taking her daughter to a church for the solution. Julie delivers the baby but in the process her drunkard father Morris dies of excessive drinking of alcohol.

Leaving the child in the orphan house Julie come back to her mother's place to lead a fresh life but her brother in England sends the air tickets for four members in the family to join him. Shashi Acharya comes back at this juncture and he convinces his mother to admit Julie as her daughter in law. But who will marry her daughter is the question that silences Julie.

On the day of leaving for England Margaret and her family come to Shashi Acharya to sign the papers of Morris settlement of accounts and this is where the sentiment played by Shashi Acharya's father works out. Finally Julie gets back her child from orphan house and she is reunited with Shashi Acharya.

Ramya in costumes that she had not worn so far in her career looks very bubbly. She is the right pick for the role. What the other heroes with whom Ramya had acted so far could not get it.

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