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The story of 'Anna Thangi' is as old as the days of 'Anna Thangi'. True. What father has done the son repeats but in the 21st century. 'Thavaru' brand Director Saiprakash has added the extra luxury for the film producer Prabhakar has borne it. Lorry loads of sentiments makes your eyes to collect tears. Finally when you return from the theatre such a situation should not come to brother and sentiments! But where are such brothers and sisters in this world yaar!

Coming back to the age old story. Shivrajkumar and Radhika born out of the blessings of lord Ishwara in Thiruvannamalai. Their parents Shivrajkumar and Sudharani - clean the temple premises does Abhisekha for the lord. Sudharani clean the steps of the temple from her pony tail hair. From the edge of the saree she clears the dust, father Shivrajkumar pours the sacred water on the steps. They get a boy and girl from this penance.

That boy and girl when they get up in the morning they see each other then settle in other work. Pain and tears for sister is uncontrollable for the brother. At such a situation the sister and brother both get married. Sister Radhika join to another affluent family. Her husband gets cheated in business and he is arrested for bouncing of cheque for a huge amount. He is imprisoned and his wife is left on the streets with three children. She comes looking for her brother who has given heaps of affection. She does not get the right attention at the right time from her sister in law in the absence of her brother. Left with nothing and hunger almost killing the children she falls to the well constructed by her brother in her name. Shock and dismay for brother (Shivrajkumar) becomes unbearable. He also dies after seeing all these trauma.

Hamsalekha has offered three lovely tunes. Suryangu nagu Sala Kodthale Yee Rathri Shivarathri is the best.

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