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This is a message oriented modern and up date film by leading banner of Karnataka with well measured acting and dosage of sentiments. Besides showing his muscle power the power star of Kannada cinema Puneeth Rajkumar touches completely in sentiments and sends the right message for the youths.

Making debut as director Mahesh Babu has lived up to the expectations. M.S.Ramesh dialogues have very well supported and Puneeth’s casual and neat screen presence has further boosted up the quality of this film. Beautiful Ramya has shown good progress and she is in fine fettle. Akash an M. Phil post graduate is a wonder guy wandering in various capacities. He is a boy to remember by everyone who encounters him in life. He is as soft as butter and at times has the nerves of steel to counter the bad elements. He is as sweet as a chocolate. He is talkative and sensible. He is humble to the core. He is terrific advisor. He is the one who frees the problems with his inimitable style.

He is caring to his sister. He is affectionate to his friend Nandini. He is the one fulfills the promise of elders. He is the one who solves the knots of anyone. What else one requires from one guy. You find it all.

What is his profession? A car driving tutor, a videographer, swimming trainer and a good singer – all rolled in to one. He is absolutely a local guy with scores of friends.

His intention is to get his sister married to right person. He is as cool as cucumber and he is even ready to marry any ordinary girl. A straightforward Akash is scared to see Nandini after acquainting with her in teaching driving and swimming because one fine day he may fall in love with her. Yet he is not that kind of a person. But circumstances force Nandini to start loving Akash. Reason – Nandini’s brother misbehaves with Akash brother. So our Akash gives the punches to remember for ever. He gives the signal that he is not in love with Nandini and leaves her promptly to her house. What happens then?

Better watch on screen yaar!

A wholesome entertainer is clean in each and every scene and a right film from the right banner. Puneeth, Ramya, Avinash share top honors. What is remarkable is the Puneeth’s potential. He is amazing and makes the audience go craze with his style. A right type of actor to the present generation. Puneeth and Ramya’s costumes are quite impressive. Ramya not only looks beautiful but has acted well.

Cameraman Prasad Babu has made this film more attractive and every scene look admirable on screen. RP is still going very strong in his melody.

Akashakke Yeninaa….., a ladder for the sky? Why not Yaaar? It is time to watch the movie guys!


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