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meghana raj, yogish in Punda Movie

Punda is the perfect remedy for a success starved Sandalwood. Though a remake of the Tamil film Polladhavan, this film shows character , inert strength and potential to be a trend setter in Kannada films. Punda is an entertaining love story, family drama, underworld action and cinematic experience rolled into one.

The film is about a middle class chap Yogi (Yogish) who has a dream about a costly bike and a girl who he eve drops on in the bus stop. He has no worry about the troubles at home his parents face. When he steals money to party with friends he realises nothing. When his father catches him drunk with stolen money, our hero hits back with statements about parents' duty. He gets Rs 70,000 from his father to shape a life for himself. But the bike and girl obsessed hero buys a bike and tries toimpress the girl.

This is just the beginning of the story.

There is enough stuff in the film for a twist in the tale in every scene. The agony of a man who loses his only loved possession in life is to be seen to appreciate H Vasu's handling of the subject. There is perfection in each character and situation and makes you wonder if you are watching a run-of-the-mill flick from Gandhinagar.

You are not. Punda is the potential exploited to the hilt. There is the silent villany of Sharat Lohiotashwa and the overt badness of Petrol Prasanna to shock and awe. In between these is the demure performance of newcomer Meghana Raj. She is the daugher of veteran actors Sundar Raj and Pramila Joshai. Though she has a small role apart from the songs, she fills it up with her aplomb energy. The subtle demure of a girl in love and the nagging talks as a girlfriend are enough to take her a long way in Kannada films. This is not withsanding her bold scenes in songs.

Punda is likely to become a repeat watch for all Yogish fans and at least a one time watch for all film lovers.

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