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priya hassan, yash in Jambada Hudugi movie

Jambada Hudugi produced by Mohan Gowda and directed by Priya Hasan is an enjoyable commercial film. The entire credit of making this engaging film with all commercial elements will certainly go to actress and film director Priya Hasan who has handled all the responsibilities quite diligently.

What strikes in the film is the way the film is narrated and how the suspense over how the suspense is resolved as to why the heroine of the film carries such a bloated ego and pride.

Priya Hasan has acted well in her second film which provides her with lot of opportunities to perform. And she has been able to get good performances from veteran artists like Jayanthi. Hero Jai Akash fits in the role he performs.

The background score is the highlight of the film, but Rajesh Ramanath could have given still better tunes. The film has good photography work.

`Jambada Hudugi' makes a pleasing viewing and Kannada fans should see and encourage a budding talent like Priya Hasan.

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