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pooja gandhi, vijaya raghavendra in gokula movie

Prakash directed Gokula is one of the best films released this year. It is a must see for all the Kannada film fans who want to encourage good films. Prakash proves his caliber by making a neat family entertainer which is stylishly packaged by good commercial elements. Gokula has a perfect blend enjoyable comical elements and heart touching emotions. Gokula is a clear winner as a perfect family entertainer.

Prakash’s films always stand out for its strong screenplay and distinctive narrative style.

Prakash’s presentation makes his films worth viewing for an entire family audience consisting of little Papu and Ajja, Ajji. In Gokula, Prakash clearly proves that he is winning in all his films because of his focus on quality.

Prakash is greatly helped by top class performances of Veteran and young artists of the film along with the good technical work handled by music director Mano Murthy and camera work handled by Sathya Hegde. .

Gokula does not have any fresh story as such. But makes the film a must see is the way it has been narrated on screen. It essentially revolves around four irresponsible orphans who love to cheat others to make money and enjoy who are reformed because of the love and affection shown by an older couple.

Veteran artists Sreenivasa Murthy and Sumithra have delivered such great performance in the film that you are sure to shed tears in the theatre. They come out on top with their profound display of emotions. The film also belongs to Vijaya Raghavendra who proves that he is an actor of good Gokula comes as a big relief to the Kannada audience who are in need of a very good film. caliber. Pooja Gandhi has also done a refined job in the role of a medical student. Another neat performance comes from Yesh who has some wonderful dialogues in the film. Nakshatra who makes a debut in the film impresses in the role of a shy girl. Pawan and Raghuraj also make good impression.