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rahul, Pooja Kanwall in 7o clock movie

Every frame of the film is well thought. Debutant diligence is excellent. Santosh can remain in completely Santosh for the fine handling of the film. A musical cum gripping narration are the redeeming features of the film. It is not that the artistes and technicians have not done well. All the artistes worked very hard to remain consistent to the dreams of Thulaja Bhavani creations. Cheers and Chappale for N.M.Suresh.

The prank of an educated Nivedhita (Pooja Kanwal) works out tedious for her. She has a lovely looking sister Anu (Nithya) the guide and guardian in distress. A sister like Anu is a must for every elder sister you would feel. That is care and affection given to this pair by the director. They have parents who are caring scaring.

The hero Rahul is having equally caring parents and a little naughty sister. Rahul is a painter and he is not finding the right beauty to fix the head for his painting.

The telephone prank of Nivedhita who is Nitya in short form to Rahul keeps him alert and he gives back from the same coin. In the process they fall in love.

Now the tracing of teach other. Rahul is asked to come to so and so place by Nithya. Rahul comes but the train is two hour late. So his love journey is derailed you would feel. The director takes you to newer turns. Rahul and Nithya are so near but they are not able to identify themselves in the railway station. That is because Rahul has a jacket covering his blue shirt.

Rahul parents on the other hand find Sneha as the right choice for their son. This is because Sneha a doctor had saved Rahul after a mishap. Rahul also finding it tough to find Nithya agrees to parents wish.

You would feel sad at the engagement between Rahul and Sneha. But with a few tricks and make belief steps adopted by the director you would feel sigh of high relief.

The dialogue department is very good. Pooja Kanwal looks very beautiful on the screen but it is Nithya with her natural style and sweet looks overshadow everyone. Mithuj Tejaswi has brought in the required results in his debut film in Kannada. He looks handsome and he never leaves a feeling that he is acting. He is so natural and pleasant surprise.

Three songs in the film are very well composed by Madhukar - his name aptly suits to his scoring. Chandrasekhar handling the camera has been very alert throughout. Every frame is colorful. The pooja room filled with smoke and the rest of the parts of the house remaining smokeless show his ability to present distinct work. The picturesque locales of Goa and Mangalore are very well captured.

This is a very pleasant film.


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