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 Hosa’ idea of olfaction solution, ‘Hosa’ director and ‘Hosa’ screenplay, terrific performance from Mayoor Patel and Rangayana Raghu – it is enough to bring the audience to the theatres. Sa.Ra.Govindu giving chance to new director Dwarki has not faltered in his decision. This director is dexterous and knows what to deliver and how to dig out from the artistes. We can call this as ‘intelligent interference and involvement’ of the director.

The protagonist Shambu (Mayoor Patel) is a man of steel and shrewd brain. Mathige baggidre Chinna…., Maimele Bidhre Gunna….., is his slogan. His sole intention in life is to construct an orphan house – the dream of his mother. He is very clever. He can solve any puzzle and set right the things in right order. In one of his brainy work the don of his locality Sharma notice him. The jobless Shambu now get a job. He is asked to convince the beauty Chytra to love the don Sharma who is madly in love with her. In exchange Shambu asks for money to construct the orphan house. In three months Shambu fulfills his task and his loyalty is mistook by the don. At the completion of orphan house construction the binding between Shambu and Chytra also becomes strong. At this point the don is irritated. He tries to check

Shambu in his muscle power and even goes to the extent of demolition of orphan house. Shambu overpower Sharma with his brainpower but often the muscle power also becomes inevitable.

In the clash of Shambu and Sharma both win. Shambu wins for his loyalty while Sharma wins through his sacrifice. That’s where the director becomes very prominent in his approach.

The Olfaction solution for this film at Narthaki theatre is a new attempt indeed. For the first time in Asia this effect has been tried out.

We have to grow with the technology and all attempts have to be made to bring the audience to the theatre is the policy of producer Sa.Ra.Govindu.

Worth watching this film ‘Gunna’!


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