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vijay, rashmi in duniya

Soori directed “Duniya’ not only stands up to its huge expectations, but it also comes as a fresh offering for the quality conscious Kannada film audience who are now in the mood to encourage new talents.

It is a raw, authentic and stunning presentation of the crude, mean and struggling world of the people living in slums, bad and brawny underworld where the fittest and meanest will survive. Soori has not left out on the commercial elements, but he has made a stunner which disturbs you and makes you think of the world unknown to many people.

From the first sequence it is the film of director and other technical crew of the film. This is not to undermine the efforts of actors like Vijay, Rashmi who are freshers. And there is this irrepressible Rangayana Raghu, Mico Nagaraj and Kishor to put in the best efforts. Even new artists who have acted in the roles of loose Mada, Petrol, Dopu have remarkably put their footprints in the film.

It is difficult to pin point one great strength of Duniya, but it is certain that the cinematographic work of the film will be spoken about for more number of days in future. Sathya Hegde who was working for many corporate ad films and feature films like Masala, Yeshwanth has certainly done a great job. He makes a great impact in his work where he uses minimum lighting requirement to register a major impact.

Shooting this type of film in a limited space should have been a great challenge for him, but Sathya has accomplished a achievement of sorts in the film. And Sadhu Kokila has excelled in his background score.

Totally Duniya is a must watch for all section of film fans who wants to see something different and authentic. 


Banner – SAMY Associates

Producer– T.P. Siddaraju

Co-Producer– A.T. Lokesh

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction – Suri

Music – V. Manohar

Backgroud Music - Sadhu Kokila

Lyrics – Nagendra Prasad, V Manohar, Ranganath, Yogaraj Bhat

Cinematography – Sathya Hegde


Cast – Vijay, Rashmi, Rangayana Raghu, Kishore, Mico Nagaraj, Vasudha Barighate, Mahesh, Lokesh, Sai Sunil, Prasanna and others

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