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He bends his physique like anything on air and punches the goons. They in turn fly for minutes in the air. He is very explosive and no one can test his guts – whoever expresses muscle power they are crushed and condemned. 

Who is he? That is ‘Bhagwan’ for you the handsome muscular hero Darshan – a series of dashing encounters he faces gives a feeling that he is here to thrill his audience. Except one or two sentiment scenes the film is a bundle of fights, fights and fights. 

An accomplished actress is in discomfort. Our hero takes onus on him to save her from the clutches. He travels 600 kms in bike to Rayalaseema from Bangalore to drop her at her parent’s house. But the destiny in store is something else. Reels after miles of traveling you get to see Saikumar in Rayalaseema who is a typical profounder of ‘Dharma’. The mistaken identity solves and you have one more tormentor up in arms. Then there is marriage hall and Shubam.

Darshan carries the entire film on his ‘shoulders’. The image building exercise is also done in this film for him. Saikumar is as usual dialogue king.

Daisy Boppanna alias Anjali is spicy in romantic scenes. She has come out good in emotions too. She is worth watching. Her looks and caliber is pretty good. She has a promising future ahead. Bhavana the local lass is convincing but the role she had done synchronize her own role in ‘Chandramukhi Pranasakhi’. She plays a journalist who never reports. She knows well to report to hero.

Krishnakumar as cameraman is splendid. Rajaesh Ramanathan has given a few good tunes.

This is a masala movie.

Banner – Tanu Chitra

Producer –Sa.Ra.Govindu

Director – H.Vasu

Music – Rajesh Ramanathan

Cinematography – Krishnakumar


Cast – Darshan, Saikumar, Bhavana, Anjali (Daisy Boppanna), Prithviraj, Kavitha, Nagsekhara and others.

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