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yagna shetty, vijay, rishika singh in kari chirathe movie

Duniya Vijay continues with an action image in this film. But Kari Chirate is not a blood fest as the title suggests as director Madesh chooses a subject that has much more on offer. It is not just Vijay's muscles and stunts that are on show but his ability at versatile roles and more importantly many other clearly etched characters that makes a film. Vijay plays Madehsa, a youth whose has a firm idea about what he wants from life. He wants to part of the rags to riches story of his heroes like Abdul Kalam, Dhirubhai Ambaini, Rajkumar, Rajinikanth and others. So he keeps his love for Yagna Shetty a secret even though she is overt about it. He wants to help his friends to achieve such dreams and takes a loan to start a travel agency with them. So far so good. But his accidental face off with MLA candidate Kanchi Kote (Rangayana Raghu) changes his fate. He has to go to jail and some of his friends even lose their lives. His lover's family deserts the town. This is just part of the story. There is the revenge to come and another heroine (Sharmila Mandre) whom he has to marry as well. The story has more twists and turns and surprises that has to be enjoyed on screen.

The strength of the film is its story and screenplay which has enough meat in it. The failure is the attention to detail. Yagna Shetty is shown as a medical student who later turns out to be a nurse. Some of the scenes lack the punch as only those involving Vijay gets the special treatment. But it is a hero's world out there and therefore the action scenes get the additional footage.

The songs of the film are beautifully shot and are a visual treat as is the camera work. The film will no doubt excite Vijay's fans. The story should work for the family audience. An entertaining film nevertheless that deserves appreciation.

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