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The film which had recast the hit pair of Jote Joteyai has finally made it to the theatres two years after its launch. And it is worth the wait. It is a simple love story which has been pampered with a very good screenplay. Excellent songs, cinematography and acting of the lead actors combine to make Jothegara an entertaining watch.

The film starts with Vishwas (Prem) and Priya (Ramya) getting into cat fights due to

misunderstanding. It does not take long for them to fall in love. Priya hides the fact from her father (Ashish Vidyarthi as ACP Veerabhadra) which leads to a serious situation for Vishwas who breaks away from her. While this misunderstanding again is projected as the reason for the breakup, the second half reveals that the reality is something entirely different. Interesting twists and turns later it is a happy ending.

Prem and Ramya look fabulous on screen together. Ashish Vidyarthi and Lakshmi add credibility to their characters. The film scores for doing its home work well. There is clear definition for each character and it is evident that director Sigamani had the script in hand while shooting.

Music by Suchit Shetty has a few melodious songs. The camerawork is pleasing to the eyes and especially the songs are a treat to watch. A perfect film to enjoy during the holidays.

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