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Parvathamma Rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

The story is the breath of any cinema is true then and now. Whatever may be the technology we should have good story. Then only it counts. That's why I say do a good story and come. Then the call sheet would be available.

Mahesh had prepared two stories. One is 'Arasu' and another one will be going on floor in November. The patience particularly is not available with many to get a lovely story. Without story there is no meaning in venturing for a film.

When my husband was acting also similar was the situation. We never used to take advance and give call sheet. The oral promise was everything. The part of remuneration was paid only after first schedule. There are many incidents of producers not paying remuneration. When the film was complete the remuneration was paid in some cases. But when I took up the business I made a guideline. Before the dubbing the entire remuneration should be paid. Not only Dr.Rajkumar remuneration all the artistes and technicians remuneration I was asking to settle. The truce was easy before two days of dubbing. For Dr.Rajkumar portion they were not ready to dub voice from others is a truth.

Obviously after this rule a lot of people got angry with me. Had I not done like that many artistes would have got remunerations? Prolific writers like Udayashanker not getting the remuneration. We were not getting remuneration for Chi.Udayashanker for story. He, Dr.Raj, Varadappa and director were together in the final shape of the story. But director was stressing for his name in the story credit in the title card. Chi.Udayashanker was easily giving nod for such person calls.

In our group even after providing the story there was work. On the sets they were supposed to come and give corrections wherever it was necessary. The remuneration was also big. In the earlier days the story was prepared in Madras. For person like Singeetham Srinivasa Rao for story and screenplay the remuneration was given in advance. When the story was adapted to other languages it was their lookout. When the film was dubbed and remade we used to call him and give extra remuneration.

For none of the film business Dr Raj was showing any interest. But no one should complain with him that he did not get remuneration. He was angry on such complaints.

He was following strictly on the issue of food. Equality of good he was stressing. For the home food he was telling not necessary. When it was sent on compulsion he was dividing it with others on the sets.

In the issue related to children he was very strict. Like all children my children should grow is what he was vouching for. When he was angry on children he was keeping quiet.

Eating together is one of our policies in the family. He was inquiring about all when he was sitting for lunch or breakfast. When he was angry the children used to come and tell me that 'Appaji' is angry he is not talking to us. I was telling children you solve it to yourself with your father I do not come in the frame. Finally it was sorted out when both used to weep and hug each one.

But he was very much interested in children studying. Children coming to films I was not interested. I had told in many of the interviews earlier. Dr.Rajkumar was of the opinion that in case the children are interested in films let us not force but film acting is like that or this is what he was telling not to tell the children. One should have got it in his fate. The Art is so sacred that it invites all but selects only the talented ones. This was his belief.

In the beginning Shivanna was not interested in acting. He appeared in a small role in 'Srinivasa Kalyana'. With wig on his head he removed it saying that he is not interested. Then we thought he is not interested and let us not force him. As a child Puneeth did a small role. He got national award for it. Shivanna's class mate Karthik acted in a film and that interested him also. He was in second year B.Sc. what I wanted was that the children should complete at least degree. All the children were studying very well. My daughter had secured I rank in SSLC. Then she learnt Hindi in Kashi. In PUC Raganna secured 92 percent. But he did not pursue further. He evinced interest in acting. This is how all the three sons got in to acting.

UNFORGETTABLE – It is not wrong to construct dreams about our children. We should not forcibly put our likings on them. They grow according to their efforts, talent and ability. Looking at it and feeling happy is only what we can do.