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Neenasam Satish's first film as solo hero was last year's Lucia. Anjada Gandu, that released today is not an experiment but a truly commercial venture. Its name is taken from the earlier film that starred Crazy Star Ravichandran. However, there are many differences between the two films. This film is a remake of a Tamil film just like Pradeep Raj's first film Kirataka. The lead characters of the two films bearing the same name could not have been more different. The title does not actually suit the role in the new film. It is more of a comedy film with a romantic theme.

Satish has done justice to his role as a lazy young man who is given to lying big time. What he believes is harmless bragging about how his neighbour girl loves him turns out to be a life-changing and life-threatening drama. But it is the comedy that is the staple of the film. It is a promising start to Satish's foray into mainstream commercial films.

The film is about Satish's efforts to portray himself as a lover boy to his friends. He is in love with the girl from the opposite house and he is at the beck and call of her father and brothers who are powerful landlords. The girl, played by

Subhiksha, never reciprocates his love. But Satish tells tall tales about how much the girl loves him to his friends. Situation makes them believe all he tells. The girl's family finds a match for her and the hero confronts her who tells him she had no feelings for him. He is dejected but his friends think she is under compulsion from her family. The friends also see the two talking and once again get wrong assumptions that they are planning to elope. The friends end up 'kidnapping' both the girl and the hero. The families think they have eloped.

Then begins the drama and confusion. More characters are introduced and the film blends the comedy and romantic aspects beautifully. Satish could develop into a dependable star at the box office if he chooses his roles. This is a role that is perfect for him. Nowhere does the character require him to do stunts or show heroism. It is a simple dandy's easygoing life. He does justice. The heroine is okay in her performance. But it is the comedy actors like Raju Talikote, Chikkanna and the veteran Honavalli Krishna who steal the show with their work. TS Nagabharana shows class while Suman is wasted. The music is above average but does not have blockbuster tunes. Anjada Gandu is a film that will fulfill your entertainment requirement for the week.

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