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The second film of Sumanth Shylendra puts him firmly on the footholds of Sandalwood star-hood. A new hero is born with Dilwala. The film takes the trend of films like Addhuri, Simpleag Ond Love Story and Googly forward. Most of the film concentrates on the lead pair and it is the young pair's romance and interaction that takes precedence over everything else.

For most part, the film is about the romance between the lead pair. It feels like real conversation between two lovers. Maybe the director used the same conversation he had with his lover as dialogues for this film! It is so natural. Making this look real is Sumanth Shylendra and Radhika Pandit. They make a wonderful pair on screen and Sumanth has improved tremendously from his previous film Aata. For two and a half hours, you are transported to a different world of romance all on the power of the dialouges and the imagination.

The story starts as a campus romance. A farmer's daughter Preeti (Radhika Pandit) comes to a city college with forewarnings to be aware of prying eyes of city boys. It is but natural that she will fall for the hero. But it is not as simple as that. Sumanth falls for the girl first and manages to win her heart. But in a strange twist he says he does not love her when she is expecting him to propose to her. Why Sumanth steps back has an interesting tale in itself. He is in the middle of a deadly battle for supremacy beteween two rival gangs. In the end Sumanth manages to win over everyone's hearts including that of the villains. How he does that is best seen on screen.

Sumanth does a good job as a lover boy, action hero and a dancer. Radhika Pandit is lovely as ever. It is Ravishankar who steals the show with his brilliant comic timing though it is a villain he plays. The other cast including Jai Jagadish and Sharat Lohitashva give able support. The cinematography is a visual treat and special mention should be made of the art work by Mohan B Kere. Arjun Janya is growing from strength to strength with each film and this is one of his best. Overall, it is a perfect film for the holiday season. Book your tickets.

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