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Trin Trin Movie image
Trin Trin Movie image

With long innings in the film industry director Chikkanna banks on a remake ‘Ramoji Rao Speaking’ that was later made in Hindi as ‘Hera Pheri’. Even though the concept is 15 years old it is still relevant.

Not disturbing the eyes and ears ‘Trin Trin’ in Kannada is a clean film. Chikkanna remaining in the Dr.Rajkumar camp also knows the formula of a family subject. The wants in our life is what deviates our thoughts. Is it possible to control the thoughts? Chikkanna picks three persons in our society and express how they are locked in problems. What do they do to come out of their disturbance? Quite an interesting film!

Dharma and Rakesh Krishna deserved to be better. Doddanna steals the show. Two songs are good.

If you have plenty of time you may go to Kalpana theatre in Bangalore.

Producer – A.N.Rangaswamy

Screenplay and Direction – Chikkanna

Cameraman –Manohar

Music – Rajesh Ramanathan

Editing – Shashikumar

Dialogue – Nagendra Prasad

Cast – Dharma, Ruthika, Rakesh Krishna, Srinath, Doddanna, Ambika, Karibasavaiah, Isha Patil and others.


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