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durga shetty, dharma in Dhad Dhad Movie

With some usual gudbud the films tickles out to some interesting portion at the fag end of its reels. A murder mystery has been effectively handled by director Hemanth Hegde. He has the material and know the pulse of the audience. A family tussle leads to settling of scores. How the murders are unearthed is the crux of the film. The director leaves you at the edge of the seat for last half an hour. For this you have to watch the other reels but in the meantime you can take some yawns. While the hero of the film not deserve any mention the supporting actor Raju Ananthaswamy gives you some lively moments.

Adhya Communications maiden venture is quite engaging. Krishna Mohan, Durga Shetty, Avinash, Mandya Ramesh, Raju Ananthaswamy are in the cast. Music and songs are forcibly threw inside this film.

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