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mayur patel, radhika in Mani Movie

This has created lot of hopes and it has good standards. The debut hero Mayoor gives a striking performance while it is yet another film for Radhika and Umashri. The cruel pimp Rangayana Raghu has lived up to his role. The music and dialogues are extra ordinary and so is the camera work.

‘Barfi kodsi beedhi Nayigalu Ninna Basri Madthave Maga’ – says the prostitute to her fond daughter (picked from roadside) – For this stark reality the girl gives an equally innocent answer – Amma naanu last Deepavali habbadalli neenu Kotta Barfi thindindhu. This explains the whole contents of the film. Hats off to the new director for striking to our eyes the realities happening around us. The style adopted by the director is simple yet marvelous.


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