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Meena, sudeep in Swathimuthu Movie

It is a strong and challenging role. Sudeep has surpassed it and is near to perfection to what Kamal Hassan has done in ‘Swathi Muthyam’ Telugu original. Sudeep’s performance is outstanding when compared to what Anil Kapoor has done in ‘Ishwar’ the Hindi remake. So is Meena doing the role of Radhika in the original. She is a very fine actress. She has proved it by doing this role going down from her glamour image.

What is scintillating is that Sudeep has given an extra dimension especially when he is in aged get up. It does not appear on any count he is imitating. He must have picked the histrionics and dialogue delivery style from real life ‘budiyas’. When it comes to the innocent Shivayya he melts down the hearts of viewers. We feel like saying che che che. What an innocent, he should not get troubles in life we feel. Remaining throughout the role is yet another difficult proposition for any hero. But Sudeep’s patience and perseverance has won laurels for him. Forget that this is a remake he and his team deserves full marks.

The village washer woman Chelvi (Pavitra Lokesh) on the river side asks the grown up Shivayya (Sudeep) to help her in her bathing by applying soap to her back. Shivayya does it with complete innocence to the belle who is almost his age. No one misunderstand him. It is because he is mentally a kid. But the same washer woman inspire widow Lalitha (for leading a marital life) to whom Shivayya tied the Mangalasutra for just doing good on hearing a story from his grandmother.

There are more than a dozen such innocent scenes in the film makes you to feel very sorry for Shivayya. But at the same time you like him and you may even decide in your mind to help him. For height of innocence you have to watch this delectably made film.

D.Rajendra Babu the remake specialist in the past continues his excellence. He has seen to it that there are no bottlenecks in the film. The background music, the DTS effect further takes this film to the high class quality. Rajesh Ramanathan and Nagendra Prasad have worked out very well in their areas. They have made the music and lyrics separate tracks coming to the ears convincingly. In the normal course we hear the overlapping of music on the lyrics. This has not happened in this film. That’s why both get good name for their work in this film.

In the acting department the aged Leelavathi, Doddanna, Pramila Joshai, Ramakrishna also gives sensible performance. Cute Master Kishen is also good. But while going for begging with Shivayayya he wears a just purchased ‘banian’. Such minute’s mistakes could have been avoided.

This is a must see film. While ‘Gokarna’ of Upendra is ‘Hardware’ Sudeep’s ‘Swathi Muthu’ is a ‘Software’ category.

Banner – Sarovar Sanjeev Productions

Director – D.Rajendra Babu

Music – Rajesh Ramanathan

Cinematography – H.M.Ramachandra

Cast – Sudeep, Meena, Leelavathi, Ramakrishna, Pramila Joshai, Master Kishen, Lokanath, Bharat Bhagavathar and others.


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