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saikumar, satyajith in Super Police Movie

In this come back film of action hero, dialogue king Saikumar there is more action as major attraction. It is a feast for action lovers. Bhavana the beautiful actress has been very bold in three scenes and she has all the requisites for a masala film. This is an opportunity to watch Bhavana in intense and romantic moods. She gives more darshan of her thunder thyes. Director J.G.Krishna known for action extravaganza as a cameraman has shown his control especially in the second half.

Datta once a nightmare for Home Minister has given up Khaki to do a social service under the banner Indian Public Service office in aid of poor people. His entry in the education department irks the closets of Home Minister and an attempt is made to frame this former IPS Datta. The clever dealings of Datta in the court hall dig the grave for the SI who has leveled the charges and the Chief Minister is a witness to this proceedings. Back in his seat the CM watches the deadly work of Datta in the past with the help of video- tape stores by GTV reporter Bhavana. The CM invites Datta and says the two working for peace and harmony could write another Bhagawad Geetha. So a former cop IPS Datta becomes a Home Minister and he works to the fullest satisfaction of the people. In quick span of time he takes out the vicious elements and the film reaches the ultimate reel. Datta from Khaki to Khadi as a HM fights and gives the punishment to Nayak and gang.

This is a Saikumar film throughout. There are 10 fights before interval itself. As usual Saikumar dialogues are punching elements. His fast mouthing of education, generation, dedication, application, prediction, conviction… are treat for the front -benchers. M.S.Ramesh has penned the hot lines especially to uplift the sagging image of Saikumar.

Beautiful Bhavana further increases the temperature of the audience with her skintight costumes and pin up role. Doddanna is as usual and Gurudutt is lost in the middle and gets seriously bashed up.

This is not a bad film for action lovers.

Banner : Sri Lakshmi Films

Producer : N. Kumar

Screeplay, Direction : H.S. Rajshekar

Camera – J.G. Krishna

Editor – Kemparaj

Art – Nanjundaswamy

Stunt – Kaurava Venkatesh

Cast : Sai kumar, Bhavana, Doddanna, Tennis Krishna, Dingri Nagaraj, M.S. Karanth, Hema Choudhari, Prithviraj, Bhagyashree, Ramamurthy Venu and others.

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