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shivarajkumar, mayuri in Sarvabowma Movie

For the strain and effort this film becomes very dear to heart. In total it is like hard work done but failure in the examination is what we could say. Otherwise it’s old wine in a new bottle (to be precise plastic bottle). There are many loopholes that deserved to be stitched properly. It is like a sudden war and you don’t know what to do.  

In the current pretext of Indo-Pak relations coming to a good situation this film sends some wrong signals. How did the Censor cleared some of the scenes is questionable.

The whole film is based on one single statement – whether mother is great or motherland is great. For this clash the directors brings in the backdrop of a war prisoner that is loosely stitched with jerky camera work.  

The chief villain of this film is not Sharat Lohitashva but Hamsalekha’s tortuous music. The background music is intolerable.

The bringing in of look alike General Musharaff Pakistan President is cajoled here. A general role played by - Deepak Divekar shouts too much. For the position and power of the General, he is pooh-poohed.  

Director Mahesh Sukadhare has struggled hard but not obtained anything concrete. In the stitching of scenes he wins the hearts and nothing else.

Held as a captive by the Pakistan country Subash Chandra comes back after two decades escaping from the clutches (the escape style is disgusting). He is beaten black and blue with no food and water yet our hero picks up energy saying Mera Bharat Mahaan. That is OK. But where is energy for him? Director avare, you are in which ‘zamana’?  The film goers and even the fans know pretty well this is impossible but you make it possible.  

In his home town Subash finds that his son Jeeva (Shivraj again) is an underworld don. In scores of Indian films we have found these similarities. Ok let us come to what happens in the later reels. Nothing happens. The bad goons are bundled out with bombs, firings etc.  

In this type of film the director could have insisted at least at the National Anthem after the show ends. Such a simple common sense is missing from the director and his team.

This is tolerable because an actor like Shivrajkumar (in the father get up) has come out well. Mayoori has lent good support. Sharat Lohitashva has proved that he is nothing less compared to Mumbai bad guys.

Hamsalekha it seems has forgotten scoring music for songs and his background horrible.

Hamara Prekshaka Mahaprabhu Mahaan!

Banner – Rohini pictures

Producer – Jagadish

Story, screenplay and direction – Mahesh Sukadhare

Dialogues – B.A.Madhu

Cinematography – A.C.Mahendran

Music and Lyrics- Hamsalekha

Cast – Shivrajkumar (double role) Mayoori (Shalini), Shilpa, Sharat Lohitashva, Deepak Divekar, Umesh, Avinash and others.


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