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cp yogeshwar, sakshi shivanand in Sainika Movie

Every frame in this much hyped film ‘Sainika’ shows the amazing effort put in by the team. Besides making this more near to reality this film team shot the film in some of the hard and crude areas like Leh, Ladak, Kargil areas. Without the usage of helipads is another interesting part to note. A film on the life of soldier interspersed with patriotism is on par with the Indian standards.  

In the war there is no second prize. In war you don’t have to be nice. You have to be right. With all the old adage goes like this - the proper target of mankind is man.  

Sainika faces two wars. One is emotional and other one is from enemies. While the captivating and nail biting are the portions of war captured splendidly by ‘Sainika’ team the story writer B.A.Madhu and director Mahesh Sukadhare have given the right elements prevailing in the present circumstances. The film wins applause when the emotional war breaks out in the social set up of a soldier is unfolded.

In the terror struck border areas especially in the tip of the nation the hero from the soil of Kannada Nadu Yogishwar with another patriotic soldier Ashish Vidyarthi partly fulfill the target of the nation by fighting against terrorism. At this juncture the present scenario of religion verses nation is a well thought idea.

Now we move to the emotional war. Yogishwar on his short stint comes back to his village and he gets an emotional welcome. He agrees for his marriage with Saakshi but everything is not all right as the days come near to marriage. Saakshi’s father Ashok Rao goes back on his idea of giving his daughter with the fear that his daughter’s future is in doldrums. But the sprightly Saakshi is happy even if she is wife of soldier for one day. It is so unfortunate that just a day after marriage Yogishwar gives call of the national security. He wins against the emotional war. With grieving parents, brother, wife and others he leaves to reach the boundary of the nation.

This second half of the film with second portion of war effect (to the audience) against terrorism disturbs the mind but one has to accept the fact. Sainika from village Yogishwar makes a valiant effort to clear off the enemies but at the fag end when every move is over a tragedy strikes. This again opens up the emotional war in the minds of viewers.

Back in the village Yogishwar has a changed get up because of his multiple fractures to his face. No one recognizes him including wife, father and mother. For why Yogishwar prefers to keep mum without disclosing his past the director Mahesh Sukadhare attributes to the fact that is pathetic to know. You would feel the life of a soldier should not be like this at all. By the time when his identity is disclosed from a dog – faithful always - the Thaayi, Naayaki and Naayi emotion comes to end.

There are a few unanswered questions when the last frame is shown. Under the circumstances described in the film for a soldier what happens in his come back in a miraculous way? Is he entitled for all such benefits or what does the rules and regulations say could have been shown.

When it comes to acting Saakshi Shivanand and Yogishwar steal the major honours. Radhika Varma is just touch and go. Doddanna and Sri Vidya’s combination is worth a watch. In the comedy department also Tennis Krishna, Vijayasarathy and others gives relief. In a shaving scene shown in the film Vijayasarathy’s spectacle is found on the face. When a shaving is done the spectacle is an obstacle. For those with vision problems when they do their shaving it is OK.

After Kotigobba, Simhadriya Simha music director Devaa once again gives lilting tunes. A.C.Mahendran has done a memorable job with no helicopters to his help. It is a visual treat on the whole.

This is a path-breaking cinema. Must watch film. The effort is amazing.

Banner : Rajayogi Films

Producer : M.Chandrasekhar, R.Srinivas

Screenplay, Direction : K.Mahesh Sukadhare

Cinematography  : A.C.Mahendran

Story  : B.A.Madhu

Stunts  : Ram Shetty and K.D.Venkatesh

Music  : Devaa,

PRO  : Lingaraj

Cast : Yogishwar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Saakshi Shivanand, Sri Vidya, Radhika Varma, Doddanna, Tennis Krishna, Ashok Rao, R.G.Vijayasarathi and others


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