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Urmila Srivatsav in Roja Movie

We find lot of thorns in and around roses. In the similar way there are many hurdles for viewing this film. Every frame of the film is imaginable before it appears on the screen. This could have been crisp and tight.
Badri (Alankar) falls in love with Roja (Urmila Srivatsav) in his first look at her in police station. Roja is disheartened because she is orphan and under the mercy in her life. Badri with not so much of affluence supports Roja and make her well educated. An advertisement company chose Roja for modeling and Badri support in this flourishing career of Roja but she says no marriage for two years. Hurt with this Badri challenges Roja that he would stand on his own legs. He becomes a singer of repute and earns money. At this point of time Roja gets an offer to go to foreign and the villain strikes. The ad company proprietor fills wrong message in the mind of Badri and that irritates him. He decides not to live under the mercy of Roja. Whether Roja decide to take up her foreign jaunt? What happened to Badri. You would not see any surprises in these developments.
Alankar and Urmila have a long way to go in acting. Hamsalekha does not support well to make this a musical film.  Chitra Shenoy has excelled in her short presence.
Producer : K.V.Manjunath and K.V.Venkatesh
Screeplay, Direction : H.Vasu
Screenplay, Dialogue –  Nanjunda
Lyrics, Music Director – Hamsalekha
Cast : Alankar, Urmila Srivatsav, Chitra Shenoy, Keerthi, Sunderraj and others.

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