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At the early stage of film career director Kavitha Lankesh showed her distinct approach and cater to age group of 15 to 75. PPP – Preethi Prema Pranaya – is Parabolic, Paragon, Pedestal, Pellucid, Pensive and Perceptible. When a director is armed with top artistes the work might be as easy as lifting a ‘bouquet’ but making it interesting is the area where Kavitha wins millions of hearts. As a matter of fact the producers should be congratulated first because it is they sitting in the most advanced country drawing the right opinion on the subject. From this film one thing is sure. Director Kavitha Lankesh becomes a household name at least in Karnataka.
The quick pace of the film, lovely tunes (all of them are foot tapping and entertaining) the screenplay, the dialogue, delectable photography – what else you need for a good film you have it there in this film.
A widower doctor Ananthnag with his two doctor sons – Prakash Rai and Arun Sagar and their respective wives – Sudharani and Bhavana plus the grandson Sunil are in an affluent family. The sons ask his father to keep away from all tensions and lead a happy retired life. The first generation doctor does not accept to this sons call and so the difference of opinions crops up. Ananthnag feels neglected even with affluence from his sons and he finds a new company from Bharathi. A mellifluous singer Bharathi receives her grand daughter and son and wife from abroad after she picks a good friend. But the affection she picks up with her grand daughter keeps her lively but on the other hand the frequent meetings of Ananthnag and Bharathi raises eyebrows. There is a third generation of Sunil Rao the grandson of Ananthnag and Anu the grand daughter of Bharathi. They fall in love and they find their path very easy going and it is up to date. But the negligence and loneliness of Ananthnag and Bharathi makes they think on a new line. They decide to live together and that is what irritates the whole lot of middle generation. The state of mind of Ananthnag and Bharathi does not change in spite of everyone screaming at them. They pick a good company discarding everyone.
While the element of widow and widower from two different families joining together for just taking care of their life is a new concept whether it is acceptable in our social life is what we have to wait and watch. There are widow remarriages in our surroundings but this one at the gray hair age concept is not a bad idea and cannot be discarded. They are not living for sexual happiness but for affectionate exchange of life is a notable aspect.
Ananthnag and Bharathi Vishnuvardhan take the lion share of acting. Ananthnag caliber – his shrewdness, politeness, controlled anger and performing with ease leaves an impression that he is one of the best actors of this country. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan for her quiet performance deserves the same compliments. These two treasures touch you hearts. Anu and Sudharani takes a small share from this sweet and salt cake called ‘PPP’. Prakash Rai an intelligent actor and storm on screen melts down in front of Ananthnag. Bhavana fits the Kabbina Jelle…., song perfectly.  
This is an easily watchable film. Kavithaji continue your distinct thought.
Banner – Indo Hollywood Films
Producers – Mano Murthy, Ram Prasad, Somasekhar, Dr.Renuka Ramappa  
Direction, Screenplay – Kavitha Lankesh  
Music – Mano Murthy,
Cast – Ananthnag, Bharathi, Prakash Rai, Sudha Rani, Bhavana, Arunsagar, Anu Krishnakumar and Sunil Rao. 

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