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Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Geetha, Naveen Mayoor, Edakallu Guddada Mele Chandrasekhar in Poorvapara Movie

It is a whiff of fresh air. Based on the novel of prominent writer of Kannada literature late M.K.Indira the director shows his dexterity. The novel might be decades old but the elements in it are still afresh. The constituents of this film mainly focus attracts all the age group of audience. Kudhavalli Chandrasekhar touches upon the similar lines of Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar who shot into fame from ‘America America’.  

The brain drain, poignant mother, struggle for identification, the eagerness to come back to the roots discussed in ‘Poorvapara’ are redeemable features. There is eye catching cinematography and sensible performance adds to the flavor of the film.

The isolation of the mother in Sringeri after she loses her husband forces her to join her son in America. In this most advanced country she finds the loneliness again when her son and ‘bahu’ are occupied throughout the day. The caring mother is left carelessly of course with the aristocratic life. The mother in moronic mood tries hard to talk to her son on her wish to go back to Sringeri. The son on the other hand disclose about his growth ahead in America. The grand child which is of American origin also does not solve the loneliness of the grandmother. At this time the close companion of this family comes to the rescue. Finally Sharade (played by Geetha) goes back to Sringeri.

The clash between cultural roots and hunger for high status strikes to our mind and it remains as a question mark. While the son is going great guns in his profession the mother on the other hand bringing to his notice that we have enough of properties in the village that can give high standards to live go in vain.  

Kudhavalli Chandrasekhar deserves full compliments for the adaptation of the novel on the screen. He has put in a great effort and this film is worth watching. There are no shortfalls. While ‘America America’ film gives a travelogue feeling ‘Poorvapara’ gives an account of America’s social life. The markets, hospitals, neighbors, restaurants and a few others shown in the film also get a feeling of staying in America. After all a living being lives on imagination and that’s what the tinsel town also focus.

Geetha’s performance arrests you emotionally. After a long silence the yesteryears beautiful actress looks still beautiful and she is no doubt is the right choice. Edakaallu Guddada Mele Chandrasekhar deserves praise for his direction and not for acting. A stone (edakallu) it seems has come in the way of acting is the feeling we get. For Naveen Mayoor the handsome guy of Kannada cinema it is a cake walk. His looks and style has been properly put to use. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy looks plumb and she has miles to go in acting. Srinath gives an able support. The dialogue he says to his wife Sharde on the whereabouts of their son in America is touching.

Chandru you have given a charming film. We expect more and more of this standard.

Banner – Rathi Enterprises

Story – M.K.Indira

Producer and Director – Kudhavalli Chandrasekhar

Music – Vijaya Bhasker

Cinematography – G.S.Bhasker

Editing – Suresh Urs

Dialogues – Jayanth Kaikini

Art direction – Ramesh Desai

Cast – Geetha, Srinath, Naveen Mayoor, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Edakallu Guddada Mele Chandrasekhar and others.


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