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saikumar, swapna in Om Ganesha Movie

The combination of Saikumar, Thriller Manju and J.G.Krishna – that produced a run away hit ‘Police Story’ seven years ago have joined again in a sensible film with touching elements. After ‘Police Story’ actor Saikumar, actor, director, stunt director Thriller Manju and cinematographer cum director J.G.Krishna spread out and all their films were partly successful. Combining here again they tried to work out the magic of ‘Police Story’ but they have been completely successful. This could have been still sharper and slick.

In a nutshell it is the position of cooking the career of a youth in a pressure cooker. Ganesh an Economics graduate is calculative in his talks and skillful in approach when he encounters the Chief Minister face to face. His shining sensibilities give him accolades and he has a secret enemy. In a series of bomb blast that kills 536 people in Bangalore Ganesh is framed. On the day of his engagement Ganesh is interrogated. Direct evidences of bomb blasts found in his cable office bring him to prison. When he is brought to the magistrate for judicial inquiry Ganesh gets a fine support. From whom? Please watch the movie? In disguise of a beggar wearing gunny bag clothes and painting his face from a black color Ganesh struggles hard to find his enemy. He tracks down the key man behind all these and that key man takes Ganesha to the top most personality. Sorry we don’t want to reveal who is that top most personality.

Although Saikumar is unusual in his dialogue delivery his acting has not changed. The fight sequences given to him and composed by director, he is tolerable. Swapna the newcomer has a long way to go. Ambika gives a splendid performance and partly she symbolizes the TN CM. Two songs of Krupakar are really good. J.G.Krishna cinematography is above average.

The film is meaningful and maintains the suspense element till the end.

Banner – Saisri Enterprises

Producer- A.Mohan

Stunts and direction – Thriller Manju

Camera – J.G.Krishna

Music – M.N.Krupakar

Cast – Saikumar, Ambika, Swapna, Ashok, C.R.Simha, B.V.Radha, Krishne Gowda, Ashok Rao and others.


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