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ramesh aravind, anu prabhakar in Olu Sar Bari Olu Movie

This is well made comedy. It is tickling throughout the film. Normally in today’s comedy the double meaning dialogues takes a peep and disturb the class audience. But in this film the director Magadi has carefully worked on the script and dialogue of Thadur Keshav and balanced very well. By giving a full -length comedy film the team of this film has never crossed the border.
Ramesh living in the portion of a stingy owner finds a ticklish situation to accommodate his brother and two friends. The foursome hailing from poor family conditions decide to take the brunt because there is no way. The house owner serves an ultimate for them and that leads to more and more hilarious situations for the audience. They land up in Jayanthi Deshpande family. The main condition she lays is that the portion of the house is available for married persons. This time foursome hatches a plan to pull their life in big bad Bangalore. The twosome Mohan and Balaraj appear in disguise as wives of Ramesh and Pramod. Mohan and Balaraj (you laugh to the last frame) in company of Ramesh and Pramod give many lighter moments. They are forced to end their drama and decide to finish off the two wives get up roles. Villain enters and the truth is revealed. What next watch it on screen!
Ramesh, Balraj, Mohan and Pramod have worked hard and lived up the expectations of giving laugh in every frame they appear. It is a ‘Nageya Habba’ from them. The heroines look good on screen and the opportunity is spread out for four lasses. Bank Janardhan and Jayanthi also give admirable support. Senior actor Shivakumar with new style leaves a good impression. One gets a doubt as to why the talent of Shivakumar has not been properly used. He has the height, good voice and performs any role to an above average level. 
The music could have been better with less concentration on instruments and more attachment to lyrics. Anaji Nagaraj has shown that he is growing as a cameraman.
Coming all the way from Belgaum and making a film with nearly one crore budget, the Anand Appugola and team have done a convincing job.
Don’t go alone. Go with your family. The laughter is the best medicine.
Banner – Sri Sangolli Rayanna Creations (Belgaum),  
Producers –Anand Appugola
Screenplay and direction – Nagendra Magadi (Pandu)
Story, lyrics and dialogues – Thadur Keshav (Ramajogihalli)
Cinematography – Anaji Nagaraj
Music – Raj Dev
Cast – Ramesh, Mohan, Balraj, Pramod, Anu, Ruchita, Ushakiron, Hamsa, Jayanthi, Shivakumar Bank Janardhan and others.

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