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vijaya raghavendra, Radhika, Shilp, vishal hegde in Ninagagi Movie

‘The film ‘Nuvve Kavali’ a mega hit in High Tech city Hyderabad has come in the form of Kannada version in Silicon and IT capital city Bangalore. It is like a fresh flowers blossoming in a garden. Forget this is a remake. Director S.Mahender has put in tremendous effort in making this a refreshing film. The young pair -making debut as hero and heroine - Vijaya Raghavendra (former National award winning child actor for Chinnari Mutta) and Radhika fits to ‘T’. Gurukiran has provided three lovely tunes.  

This film throws a lot of weight to the word ‘Friends’. It respects the friendship and for attitude towards friends it adds a new dimension.

Tarun (Vijay Raghavendra) and Madhu (Radhika) are living in adjacent houses and childhood friends. The twosome is awesome. Loving and ardent friends when they grow that no one can inject venom.  

They are funny loving guys and you would like such a son or daughter to be yours. Immaculately bursting at the right time born to well to do family. Creating pranks to each other is their hobby. They grow in such a fashion that they forget everything in the friendship. In comes Prakash (Vishal Hegde) another smart looking youngster in the college and he picks up love for Radhika. When the proposal of love comes for Madhu also she takes the help of Tarun in giving the decision. Shocked at this Tarun checks his mind and arrives at a standstill stage in friendship. He makes introspection and decides to hide his love for Madhu after she returns from Hyderabad. As the days pass for engagement of Madhu with Prakash she feels completely depressed, as she has to go away from Tarun. In a flash Madhu says to Tarun – why you did not get the feeling of love on any day. This comes as a shock treatment to Tarun and he hugs her. Later on Madhu knows the secret love of Tarun towards her and it is just as everyone is expected.

What is interesting in the screenplay is the emotions plotted at regular intervals after first half of the film.

The twosome Vijaya Raghavendra and Radhika have come out very natural. It is actress Thara steals the show when she appears on the screen as a cook. When we feel some more is needed Thara role abruptly gets an end. Avinash, Ramakrishna, Chitra Shenoy have also given good support. Vishal Hegde has a good future. Shilpa in her second film looks fit for the role and she is improving from the days of ‘Boothayyana Makkalu’.

Gurukiran is another high point in the film. Two of his tunes are worth hearing again and again. In all ‘Ninagagi’ gives a comfortable viewing. It is a good entertainment for your money.

Banner : Usha Kiron Movies

Producer : Dr.Ramoji Rao

Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction : S.Mahender

Dialogues  : M.S. Ramesh

Music  : Gurukiran

Cast : Vijayaraghavendra, Radhika, Vishal Hegde, Shilpa, Thara, Avinash, Ramakrishna, Chitra Shenoy, Kashi and others.

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