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ruthika, sa ra govindu in Nanna Hendthi Madhuve Movie

Sa.Ra.Govindu a very active Kannada movement leader a popular producer too in Kannada cinema is very cautious and come out clean in his first attempt as an actor. He has the brilliant and bombastic support from highly talented actress Anu Krishnakumar. Om Prakash comes as an intruder and Ruthika is just there to pep up the front bench audience.

This is a thought- provoking attempt from ace director M.S.Rajasekhar. The ‘Raja’ of family audience Rajasekhar has made a fine attempt in bringing back the middle class audience to the theatres.

We have Raghava (Govindu) a college professor profusely in mental tension when he wrongly comes to know that he would die soon at the age of 41 years. A series of incidents he is encountering make him to go dream of unfortunate things. On a wrong assumption he admits to his friend that his wife should be properly taken care after his death. So he makes attempts in giving a new partner to his wife while he is alive. All is not so the director inform at the climax.

Sa.Ra.Govindi perhaps has taken few tips from senior actor like Ananthnag. While emoting and dialogue delivery he is very promising. Om Prakash is a pain to watch on screen. The stealer of the entire film is Anu Krishnar. In different get ups you come on screen is simply superb in your screen presence. Anu you look so amazing. This is yet another film Anu has acted that deserves an award. Sadhu Kokila is Soda mixed whisky Kokila here. He has given some relief.

Sa.Ra.Govindu avare do not under estimate your self. You have right combination for this type of films. Rajasekhar avarantha director iro vaga nimageke chinte.

The music deserved to be better. Photography paravagilla.

Nanna Hendthi Chinte nijavaglu banthu while watching ‘Nanna Hedthi Madhuve’

Producer – K.V.Manjunath and K.V.Venkatesh

Direction – M.S.Rajasekhar

Music – Rajesh Ramanathan

Cast – Sa.Ra.Govindu, Anu Krishnakumar, Sadhu Kokila, Om Prakash, Ruthika and others


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