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shivarajkumar in Nanjundi Movie

Producer Ramu’s much expected film ‘Nanjundi’ has some interesting elements. Like how a best story is not written it is always re written, this film needed some sharp scissors and proper outlook is missing. The new comers S.R.Brothers story should have gone to a senior director to handle effectively.

The hero ‘Nanjundi’ is ‘Nanjunda’ (referred to lord Shiva - he gulps the poison). He encounters series of difficulties right from his birth. What is required for Shivrajkumar fans is not the ancient proverbial dialogues but some action at regular intervals. There is not even a single action scene and the hero underplaying his image is a difficult task for fans to digest.

Coming to the crux of the story – Nanjundi a singer of repute in the village is a good Samaritan. His loving mother Janavva is a village doctor who treats all diseases from the nature given gifts to this world. The mother and son relationship is unshakable. Enters the head weight heroine who in a fit of anger shoots Janavva. She miraculously escapes but Nanjundi begging bowl even goes to the house of Patel in the village who is grandfather of the heroine. To bring back the mother in original shape Nanjundi takes back the case he has filed with the police. Yet he works as a slave in Patela’s house. Back in normal form Nanjundi is now faced with drought in his village and like in ‘Lagaan’ yet another competition comes to his lap. That is the ‘Kambala’ buffalo race he has to win to get the irrigation project for his drought stricken village.

He over comes this daunting task also but troubles from Patela’s grand daughter and his henchmen make his life miserable. Nanjundi leaves the village with his mother doing all the good and proving that he is innocent like ‘Bangaradha Manushya’.

Umasri’s vociferous dialogues could have been toned down. She is a good actress mainly from her dialogue delivery. It is accepted. But not to this level shown in the film. Shivrajkumar underplaying his image once again steals the show from emotional scenes. Rest of the artistes do not deserve any mention.  

Hamsalekha has not been able to lift the film. This is his 250th film and there is more instrument sound than the lyrics. The lyrics not reach the ears properly.

Cinematography is excellent in this film.  

S.R.Brothers have a long way to way to achieve something

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