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upendra in Nagarahavu Movie

A gripping story line holds lot of attention in the second half. That does not mean to say the first half  is not interesting. It is in the fag end of the first half you will know the tricks in the mind of the hero. A revenge saga is a remake of ‘Bazigaar’.

Rockline production has picked the title ‘Nagarahavu’ (that reminds of Vishnuvardhan debut film) that fits absolutely to the story line. The exquisite locations further boost up the quality of the film.

It is a case of history repeats. What Ajay (Upendra) family faced in the past is given back after passing away of 15 years. But in the mele a few heads roll and one makes why innocents become target for the achievement of our hero. After pushing off one of the two look like Jyothika (keerthi in the film) Ajay alias Vicky comes very close to Ashok Patel group of companies. He wins the heart of Prema (Jyothika again) and when the police investigation turns tough Ajay is forced to clear off the proof of the murder he had committed. Ajay achieves the lost throne of his father and back in his home his mother returns back to normalcy in a bloody attack made by Ashok Patel henchmen. So

 what does Ajay do? Will he surrender to police? What happened to Prema? For many more questions you have to see ‘Nagarahavu’.  

The confusion master Upendra has got the right story line to maintain his image. He looks agile in some of the costumes. Jyothika is not a face to watch again and again. She fails miserably even in the dance sequence. It is Rajiv who shines as a villain and rest of the cast does not deserve mention.

There is more noise from Sadhi Kokila than nice jokes.

R.Giri’s cinematography is one of the high points in the film. Hamsalekha deserved to be better.  

A film for Upendra fans

Banner : Rockline Productions

Producer : Venkatesh

Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction : Murali Mohan

Lyrics and Music  : Hamsalekha

Cinematography : R. Giri

Cast : Upendra, Jyothika (double role), Rajiv, Rockline Venkatesh, Ambika, Shivadwaj, Srinath, Rajesh and others.

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