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prashanthi, saikumar in Monda Movie

Deshada Prajagalu Manehala kelsa mada bedi. Galligobba ‘Monda’ hutkothaane. This is the message of ‘Bangalore Bundh’ director Teshi Venkatesh. This statement comes after 14 reels – that includes three murders, two suicides, one self- immolation plus the usual high intensity melodrama – thanks to Saikumar.  

The style of narration is pretty good. The dialogues are bookish, Prasakkoskara dialogue baredhanthide. The songs are average, the photography is tolerable, Saikumar in the emotional role has struggled hard and he is as usual in remaining portion – with high blood pressure he narrates the dialogues.  

The director leaves some of the questions unanswered. In the 21st century – the boys and girls freaking out in the name of friendship – the message of ‘Monda’ is dangerous. Just for friendly behaviour the tactics of ‘Monda’ is not acceptable. The high society has major objection to this theme of the director. The director is placing his subject to a particular corner and it is one sided. He is narrow minded and never thinks broadly with the society we are living in. When a husband is totally impotent where is the way for spouse. This is the serious question Teshi Venkatesh touched and says murder of such woman is the only answer? This is utter foolishness.  

While narrating also the director adopts the straight way of description. What should have been more intriguing, the suspense element remains only for the characters in the film. The audiences know about who the culprit is from the first murder. There is no room for politics in this film. Police of course is a must and should for all Saikumar films.

What does the director has got to say for prostitutes who sleep with many customers. Either a man or woman should not see the opposite sex and mix friendly it is difficult to get along in the society.  

Yee Monda thanna hendthiyannu bere yaradru nodidhre sahisalla haage bereyavara hendthiyannu innyaradru nodidhru sahisalla. This statement is perhaps told in a hurry by the director.  

Look at this poorly conceived scene. Our great hero bashes up his colleague for looking at his pregnant wife when seragu has fallen down and back home he gives a long lecture on ‘Seragu’ to his wife after slapping on her face even after she tells him that was intentional.

We feel that the director has created this scene just for heck of giving lecture on ‘Seragu’.

ACP overhears an incident in the house of Gopi and he gets the first clue on the series of murders. In his house ACP argues with his wife that Gopi is the culprit. When his wife challenges ACP, he asks her to accept a challenge. Then ACP asks Vinayaprasad to act according to his plot.

A phone call from Vinayaprasad invites Gopi on the Gokulashtami day to the house. In her house Vinayaprasad in a sleeveless blouse and red saree try to seduce Gopi who is considering her as ‘Attige’ all these days. Gopi who has given up his habit (he throws his dagger in a lake) after marriage once again comes to his original form (the same dagger comes out from the pond to his hand). He does not know that he is in a plot. When he is about to murder Vinayaprasad he receives a bullet hit from ACP. He runs away but later receives three bullets from ACP after a bloody fight. Again Gopi escapes in his van and comes to his secret place. ACP and Vinayaprasad follow him.

A flash back opens up and after this suddenly ACP comes to the rescue of Gopi. He is treated in the hospital and sentenced for 14 years for series of murders. He joins back his family of course his 14 years old son an addition to the family.

Pavitra Lokesh in swim suit looks horrible. The other two Anupama and Soumya who get killed showed their daringness. Vinayaprasad perhaps has forgotten acting. Sharat Lohitashva is a better selection. At times he overshadows Saikumar in dialogue delivery and expressions. A wonderful ‘muqabla’ between these two was very much needed. But director fails to get hold of this idea.

There is no comedy in the film at all. It is a serious film. Prashanthi looks good on the screen. She has got a good future ahead.  

Although the film is away from usual format of films coming nowadays the ‘Vikrutha’ thinking of director is debatable.

Story, screenplay, direction, producer – Teshi Venkatesh

Dialogues – Nagaraj Shastry,

Cinematography C.D.Raju

Music – Prayog

Cast – Saikumar, Sharat Lohitashva, Prashanthi, Vinayaprasad, Jayasudha, Pavitra Lokesh, Srinivasa Prabhu, Sindhu, Soumya, Shashidhar Kote and others.

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