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jaggesh in Makeup Movie

The best thing about humour is that it shows people that they are not alone. Even for those who say that I am not interested in laughter – I just made a living from it ‘Jaggesh Chitra’ – ‘Make Up’ is an example.  Whether you are 8 or 80 years you don’t come without laughing from the theatre.  

A great effort indeed with ‘Doddamma’ donning heavy make up. No doubt it is a treat to watch but the look of ‘Doddamma’ could have made more pleasant to the eyes.

A suitcase is tucked inside a posh house. This consists of two CD’s that has the list of buildings and name of important persons who are targets of terrorists. The police department wants to get hold of this at any cost. Behind them are the Shakthi Kapoor and gang.

K.D.Roy and his assistant Saridon (Jaggesh and Tennis Krishna respectively) arrive at a house opposite and make a quick progress in getting rid of the ‘Doddamma’ for sometime from the house. In disguise of Doddamma Roy (He says Krishnadevaraya) comes to this house and starts making search for the suitcase. In the first hurdle the fake Doddamma encounter the beautiful lass Laila Patel and it takes some time for Doddamma to manage the situation. Soon comes the Baby (Dayanand) and that again create confusion for Doddamma. In between Roy is shuffling from one house to another and in the meantime love blossom between Roy and Laila Patel. A series of confusions appear on screen after the interval too. Komal falling in love with Laila Patel, the superior of the police department coming to trace the suitcase, the don Shakthi Kapoor also reaching the same place makes it a daunting task for Roy. At this crucial juncture comes the Doddamma’s birthday. On this celebration arrives the real Doddamma who was away. All artistes thronging in one place makes the audience to sit on the edge of their seats. In the height of confusions the suitcase is discovered in an emotional scene. That makes Roy to give up his disguise and go behind Shakthi to get the suitcase. A fearsome chase further gives anxious moments and like in all cinemas the hero wins the battle.

Director Singeetham Srinivasarao has shown his diligence and proves that comedy is his hot favorite. Jaggesh’s effort and his dialogue delivery is a treat to watch. There is no doubt that this would be an outstanding film of his career. Laila Patel is a mismatch for Jaggesh. Komalkumar, Tennis Krishna, Master Raghavendra further boost up the comedy height of the film. The vastrapaharana by Jayaram on Pavitra Lokesh could have been cut short. Two songs are foot tapping. The cinematography is mediocre.

There is a ‘Hasyotsava’ with our popular hero Jaggesh. Don’t miss this one.

Banner : Jaggesh Chitra

Producer : Smt. Parimala Jaggesh

Screeplay, Direction : Singeetham Srinivasarao

Screenplay, Dialogue –  Nanjunda

Editor – S. Manohar

Cinematographer –  Srinivas Rap (Seenu)

Music Director – John

Choreographers – Amma Rajshekar, Prasad

Stunt Master – K.D. Venkatesh

Makeup – Madhaegowda

Speical Makeup – Anil Pamgirikar (Bombay)

Cast : Jaggesh, Laila Patel, Shakthi Kapoor, Bank Janardhan, Mimicry Dayanand, Tennis Krishna, Komalkumar, Master Raghavendra, Pavitra Lokesh, Jayaram and others.

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