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ananthnag, ramesh aravind, s narayan, mohan in kathethegalu saar kaththegalu movie

You want Rs.20 a full meal. Here is an opportunity. The meal is fully tucked with laugh. It is a lorry load of laugh is appropriate to say. You have pickles, sweets, and chilly, spicy side dishes too in the form of three heroes, lasses, Umasri, Urvashi, tolerable work from Hamsalekha and an ice cream eating feeling of cinematography from Das. Finally you would come out loaded like how Ramesh loads his stomach with water in the film. 

With strong niche for comedy eminent director S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu has catered to all section of audience and this would no doubt give him the hat trick in the KK series.

For every five minutes in this nearly 2 hours 40 minutes film the audience would laugh. They feel a respite as scores of Kannada films doled out below average films in the last three months leaving a danger. However Babu’s ‘KK3’ finally gives wonderful output.

Coming to the story you have three youths serving in the circus company headed by M.P.Shanker (It is good see Shankerji on screen after a long gap, let him show his face more and more on screen) are left in lurch when the court order says that the animals have to be set free. So the innocent youths Rammy, Nanny and Komi with ‘Honesty is the best policy’ board tucked to their neck find strange situations. It is at this spot of the film the actual comedy scale up like how Australian batting had to do with Indian bowling at the recent World cup final. This tempo of laugh goes up resulting good memories back home. The innocence of youths continues even after they get trapped in the net of anti social elements. Finally they win a huge reward but they donate it to the Church.

Ramesh, Narayan and Komalkumar have properly understood the timing required for a comedy film and they have done their work spectacularly. The screen lights up with more variety when Umasri and Urvashi come on screen. These two senior actresses have proved that for them acting is like drinking water. They are so cool as cucumber. Sunderraj yet another veteran in the role of inspector lived very perfect and so is Jaijagdeesh.

Hamsalekha has almost come to complete tune with the film. Das has managed to hold every scene with out any obstacles.

 S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu and company keep giving at least one such comedy in a year so that the entire Kannada spectators forget their sorrows of watching senseless films.

Jai and team – Comedy film neevu madodralli ‘Anegalu Saar Anegalu’.

Producer – Jai Jagdeesh, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Dushyanth Singh

Story, Direction – S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu

Screenplay – Ramani

Dialogues – M.S.Narasimhamurthy

Cinematogrphy – P.K.H.Das

Lyrics and Music – Hamsalekha

Cast – Ramesh, Narayan, Komalkumar, Ruthika, Meghana Naidu, Soniraj, Urvashi, Umasri, Jai Jagdeesh, M.P.Shanker, Sunderraj, Ananthavelu, Yamuna Murthy, Kirloskar Sathya, Kote Prabhakar and others.


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