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Kariya Movie movie
darshan in Kariya Movie

This is not an imaginary story. Agreed. But what is the point in making a film with underworld dons presence without catering to woman and younger generation. The reformation of rowdies for better life could have been interesting element. No doubt the film has been narrated in a touching style (for whom) and cinematography has been exceptionally good. The acting of Darshan and newcomer Abhinayasri has also come out naturally. The only said point is the ‘Hodi Badi’ in Kariya is a dangerous trend to an already existing stressing atmosphere. A ‘long’ (weapon) is not long lasting!   

This tall and lanky ‘Kariya’ (played by Darshan) is a nightmare for nightmares. In his high- tension life in underworld he falls to a pretty chubby cheeked dancer Maya (abhinayasri – daughter of famous dancer Anuradha of yesteryears). How he catches up this girl on a full moon night has been beautifully captured. Like how Kariya struggles to catch the shadow of moon on a rainy night enough to describe the strength of this young director Prem. A serious film audience can easily understand the entire film from this one well plot.

Come to the longs, daggers and hockey sticks. Three gang of underworld – Jopadi Rajendra, Balarama, 100 and a Hindi speaking don gang decide to put an end to Kariya’s growing strength. Balarama try to appease Srirampura Kitty in the prison but gets killed from him. Kariya lost in love moves alone after reels in search of his lover to openly tell her that he lover her is caught in the rain of ‘longs’ (sharp hockey stick size weapon). Battled and bruised Kariya reaches a safe spot on a rainy night yet he has not told to Maya that he loves her. Whether he tells his heart feeling to Maya is the climax part.

Dashing hero Darshan has come out better in this film. His height and looks add up to the film. This is perhaps the best film of Darshan. He talks less and emotes more.  

A strong rowdy who can cut to size a dozen alone has no power to say ‘I Love You’. That’s the film in a nutshell. The thorns are more for the hero to reach the smooth and soft rose flower.

There are some outstanding features in this film that surpass Hindi films standards as for as technique and cinematography is concerned. Gurukiran has lived up to the expectations. M.R.Seenu not seen so far by the media has done a splendid job.

‘Mrushtanna hitha illadiddare enmadodhu Kariya, Idhu Sariya’.

Banner – Santosh Enterprises

Producer – Balraju Anekal

Story, Direction – Prem

Cameraman – M.R.Seenu

Music – Gurukiran

Cast – Darshan, Abhinayasri, dozen real life underworld dons.


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