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ramya, murali in Kanti Movie

The speed in which the hero Kanti takes Reema in his bike from Belgaum to Chitradurga was the requirement of the speed in the second half. The debutant director fumbles in the second half. He has given a clue before the interval what is the problem he is taking up. But he should not have tested the patience of the audience. The second half is like a goods train. Added to this the tempo and mood of the film dies because of the Narthaki theatre technical problem. On the first day first show there was 20 minutes of obstruction in the first half. As a matter of fact the first half of the film is jovial and enjoyable. The same problem with theatre was there when ‘Veera Kannadiga’ was released on January 1, 2004.

The point on which the director stresses – Belgaum belongs to Karnataka and the people there should speak in Kannada as they are taking all benefits from Karnataka is an age old issue. The issue is not so grave like how the director feels in his reels at present.  

‘Kanti’ comes to Belgaum to study computer science. He falls in love in the similar way how Sudeep traps a girl in his ‘Partha’ film. As usual the road to love with Reema is not bed of roses but bed of thorns for Kanti. He surpasses everything with the help of Superintendent of Police Avinash. Gives a good lecture and that is the crux of the film.

Murali overshadows everyone in the film. Avinash, Ramya and Kishore (beera in the film) share top honors. The dancing cum action hero Murali is quick in his steps and very convincing in stunt scenes. Ramya looks refreshing. She has done a neat job. Avinash as the hater of politics playing the tough cop is a silent operator.  

Three of the tunes of Gurukiran are extremely good. We feel why still RP Patnayak is getting the chances in Kannada. Venu cinematography is an additional ounce of strength to the film.  

‘Kanti’ could have been a better film had the director Bharath was very cautious in the second half. He has no business to eat the time and kill the film. He should be more responsible. Not looking at the present need of a film is the drawback of this director.

Banner – R.S.Productions

Director – Bharath

Music – Gurukiran

Camera – H.C.Venu

Cast – Murali, Ramya, Avinash, Veena Krishna, Prakash Shenoy, Gurumurthy, Ashok, Chandru, Ranga, Kishore and others.


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