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WHAT WE LIKED - The cinematography, the effects, the technology of HD camera, the brisk phase of the film, tear jerker Anu and angry looking Vijayalakshmi are some of the highlights.

WHAT WE DID NOT LIKE - The weak story line – we have heard and seen such stories since decades.

The urge in the family of the film to get male child – While the director use the latest technology on the one side and on the other side he goes to the age old concept of need of male child – such urge today is a crime. When there are boards in the hospitals that knowing the gender is itself a crime – how can a senior director like Dinesh Baboo throw such facts to the wind?

That means to say the director has not done any home work. He has just depended on the technology to save him. Even that is not possible for the audience in a theatre like Aparna.

The dialogues, screenplay and editing are hopeless. When the second person dies when Jyothikrishna is just sitting on a motorbike and her fiancé has gone to fetch the petrol for the vehicle – ‘Satta Hena Biddidhe’ is what used. This is the translation of ‘Dead body’. Even ‘dead body’ usage is wrong. Any ordinary person would not use like that – It is either Hena Biddidhe or Sattu hoda would have been appropriate.

The screenplay is not as taut as we have seen in other Dinesh Baboo films. There are many disjointed scenes. Mainly the link is missing.  

Another lacuna is that of the strong story. In one line the story could be told – it is a revenge saga by a woman and how she protects her own daughter.

The Om Prakash and Mandip Rai duo is once again against to the rules and regulations of Police department. The higher officer is cajoled always is not tolerable. After we come out from the theatre why these two characters were needed is the question arises. In the film the crisis is solved by devil not the police. To create fear or anxiety if one person in uniform is shown then it is enough. That’s why we say there is no sound homework.

Coming to music – where was the need for one or two songs – we cannot hear one line properly. The music over rides on the lyrics – After the opening song Charulatha fades out. How did she come, where is place of shooting and other minor questions go unanswered.  

Finally every step of the director is easy understandable. With ghosts and witch craft what we have seen in ‘Naa Ninna Bidarale’ (Ananthnag and Lakshmi) still strikes to our mind. What is the type of the film that is winning at the box office?

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