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devaraj, prema in Kambalahalli Movie

Picking the real life incident of Dalit burning the story- writer cum producer who has also done the screenplay and written the dialogues has struggled hard. This struggle is seen on the screen but toning down the violence perhaps made this film comfortable to watch. The acid attack on Gowda’s wife is also a pick from real life.

In the film there is direct reference to the political happenings in the past. Veerappan former Prime Minister H.D.Deve Gowda, his wife (the acid attack on Gowda’s wife is also a pick from real life), Ramakrishna Hegde, S.R.Bommai, C.M.Ibrahim all come and go in this film. Although all of them are living in real life in reel life the producer intends to finish them off. Is the story -writer cum producer making a comment that politicians should be taught a lesson like this? There is some exaggeration too.

In the village Kambalahalli there is Dodde Gowda, Ramakrishna Adiga, Brahmayya, Mallanna (referred to as Deve Gowda, Ramakrishna Hegde, Bommai and Veerappan respectively). Dodde Gowda and Adiga are rivals and Brahmayya is a common friend of both waiting to achieve the goals. Mallanna’s family a Dalit in caste becomes the target of misconception. Thanks to Brahmayya. The treasure in the tilling land becomes a prestige issue and Mallanna’s father innocence takes the toll of their family leaving Mallanna in dismay. In the election time Brahmayya does the mediator role to unite the Gowda and Adiga. The turn of events later takes the toll of all leaving only a Muslim. Gowda and his gang, Adiga, Brahmayya, Mallanna and his gang, Chenni, Savitri, Balraj and his friend get killed. 

Devraj has given a chilling performance. In emotional scenes he proved his mettle. Prema has nothing much to do. Mukyamantri Chandru, Doddanna and G.K.Govindarao have been apt. Why do you want to do in inconsequential roles Mr Vijayasarathy? Radhika Chaudhary is bold but not beautiful.

Cinematography by Krishna is above average and Hamsalekha disappoints.

G.K.Govinda Rao comparing the sacred mangalaarathi to his cigarette hurts the larger section of the people. He says both are ‘Benki’ – flames. Thank god he did not light his cigarette from a ‘Mangalarathi’.

Hodi, Badi, Kadi. Is it enough? Are we in the advancement of civilization? This strikes to the mind after you come out from the theatre.

Banner : Vrushabdri Productions

Story, Screeplay, Dialogue, Producer: Muni Rathna

Direction : Senthilnathan

Lyrics, Music  : Hamsalekha

Cinematography : J.G.Krishna

Cast : Devraj, Prema, Radhika Chaudhary, C.P.Yogeshwar, Doddanna, Mukyamantri Chandru, G.K.Govinda Rao, Krishne Gowda, Harish Rai, Balraj, Vijayasarathi and others.

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